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As a very young child during the development of my adult teeth I suffered many high fevers. The enamel layer underdeveloped and had led to ongoing dental problems throughout my later childhood and adult life. Aside fighting a high rate of cavities my teeth where wearing from not only normal use, but gritting while working, and night grinding. They had become so bad my bite had almost fully collapsed. Years ago I had a buildup using composite materials to restore my teeth and bite. The material just could not hold up. Continual wear, chipping and some breaks my bite collapsed. During an extensive search for solution looking down many avenues of expensive possibilities to repair or replace my teeth my path crossed with Dr. Park. He took the time to listen to my problem and investigated the cause and researched solutions that would fix life time of problems. The fix was not simple but neither was the problem. Dr. Park’s work has made a great change in my appearance and my life. Dr. Park and his staff are caring delightful professionals. Though some procedures where not pleasant, I was comfortable and very satisfied with my care. I and my family and friends are so happy to see me smile freely again. I was not overly surprised to learn that Dr. Park was once a mechanical engineer. It took some engineering to fix that. Thank you Dr. Park! Thank you all for your hard work and professional and loving care. - Larry J.

Amazing dentistry services! Dr. Young Park is the most gentle dentist I've ever had! I've been going there for about 3 years now. He takes really good care of his patients so its totally worth the 40 minute drive one way! -Belle. B

Dr. Park did an implant for me. Although this was a long process, they made this a comfortable experience. The staff is great to work with. I love Karen, Cindy, and Nikki. I have always had a fear of DDS, they make my visit comfortable. Thank you for all you do! - Sherri D.

I have been going to Dr. Park since he took over Dr. Woods practice a number of years ago. I also am acutely aware of good dentistry practices because my father, my sister, and a brother-in -law were all dentists. My experience has been remarkable. The Dental Hygienists at his office are not only very nice, but consumate professionals who perform their tasks carefully and thoroughly for a great outcome. As a patient I refuse novocaine and other pain killers because I just don't like them. Dr. Park has replaced a crown and given me 4 or 5 fillings and I must say that he is the smoothest, most efficient , and most pain free dentist I have experienced. It is a real pleasure to watch how well coordinated he and his Dental Assistant work together...its magic! Previously an engineer, I'm certain that he is always looking for ways to do quality dentistry more efficiently....and he does. Thanks Dr. Park! -Paul R.

Everyone at this practice was pleasant, front desk, dental hygienist, and dentist. They did a great job cleaning my teeth, and later with a filling. I dread the dentist typically, but they really were above and beyond here. Highly recommend! - Christal. M

"Choosing a new dentist is a fretful thing for most of us, but if you choose Dr. Park it will be your lucky day! Dr. Park and his entire staff are not only extremely knowledgable, professional and meticulous, they are also sincerely kind and caring folks. They explain procedures as well as various options one might have, both immediate and long term; that goes a long way to reducing one's anxiety. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Park to anyone seeking the absolute best in dental care!" - Mindy L.

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