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By Park Dental Solutions
January 15, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental implants do a whole lot more than just restore your missing teeth.

Dental ImplantsDental implants are an amazing solution for replacing one or more teeth in adults. Are you interested in learning more about dental implants and how they can help you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our Roanoke and Rocky Mount, VA, dentists Dr. Young Park and Dr. Michelle Kim are happy to offer dental implants. Here’s what a dental implant can do for you.

A Realistic False Tooth

We know that you want a false tooth that looks and feels just like the real thing, and nothing is as close to natural teeth as dental implants. This is because implants are designed to replace your missing tooth roots, which offer a variety of benefits including a permanent and durable foundation from which to support an artificial tooth such as a dental crown. You’ll be amazed how much a dental implant actually looks just like the rest of your smile.

A Lifelong Restoration

Longevity is also important when it comes to choosing the right tooth replacement option for you. We know that it’s important for our patients to get restoration that is going to last. Luckily, with the proper oral care and maintenance, you could end up having your dental implant for the rest of your life. Take care of your implant and it will take care of you!

Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss is a common complication of untreated tooth loss. This is why it’s so important to visit our Roanoke, VA, general dentist as soon as possible after tooth loss. The sooner you seek treatment the better; however, dental implants are the only restoration that is able to preserve the jawbone and to prevent bone loss. How? The implant is placed into the jawbone where it naturally melds together with the implant to become one solid unit. Just like the rest of your tooth roots, the implant will provide the jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and to prevent deterioration.

If you are living with tooth loss in Roanoke or Rocky Mount, VA, and want to find out if dental implants are right for you then call Park Dental Solutions today to schedule a consultation with our dental team.