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Restore Your Smile With Veneers

A survey by the American Dental Association confirmed that Americans believe an attractive smile is one of the most important physical veneersfeatures you can have. But not very many people inherit a perfect set of teeth—they need some cosmetic help. A dentist at Park Dental Solutions in Rocky Mount and Roanoke, VA, can restore your worn out, damaged teeth with porcelain veneers. It’s a cosmetic treatment that has helped countless patients see the true potential of their smiles.

What Don’t You Like About Your Smile?

Every patient who goes in for a cosmetic consultation will one or more specific issues regarding the appearance of their teeth. Maybe the teeth have darkened in color due to medication, or there are small spaces between them because they’re too small. No matter how rough, ridged, discolored, and chipped your teeth may look, veneers will cover up the imperfections immediately.

A Smile Restoration with Veneers

A Rocky Mount and Roanoke, VA, dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that they can be restored with veneers. This is the premier treatment used by dentists across the country to improve the smiles of everyone from movie stars to business professionals. The lightweight, translucent veneers are attached to the front of the teeth and cemented with a custom-shaded white bonding material. The results of a veneer installation are truly amazing.

The Big Smile Reveal

After the first appointment, you’ll wait a few weeks for your custom veneers to come back from the lab. Once your veneers are cemented in place, your dentist will do some final adjustments to the exterior so that they will look as natural as possible. When you’re considering the cost of this popular cosmetic treatment, also consider the value that you will get from having a beautiful smile for many years to come.

See if Veneers Are Right for You

Veneers are the fastest and most effective way to achieve a perfect smile that will “wow” you, your family, and your friends. Call Park Dental Solutions in Rocky Mount at (540) 483-7577 and (540) 563-9398 for Roanoke, VA, to schedule an appointment today.

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