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When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

CrownsPorcelain dental restorations have changed the face of dentistry, allowing your dentist to repair your compromised teeth and provide a natural, functional look that will last many years to come. Understanding when you may need a porcelain dental restoration like a crown can help ensure that you get the dental help you require. Find out more about dental crowns with Dr. Young Park and Dr. Michelle Kim at Park Dental Solutions with locations in Roanoke, VA, and Rocky Mount, VA.

What is a dental crown? 
A dental crown is a cap-like dental restoration that stabilizes and protects a damaged, decayed, or broken tooth. The crown fits over the tooth and surrounds it on all 4 sides and the top. The crown is customized by a dental laboratory based on an impression of your mouth, ensuring a natural look and a perfect fit. A dental crown’s porcelain materials allow it to reflect light like a natural tooth. Porcelain also comes in many different colors, allowing your dentist to color-match your crown to your surrounding natural teeth for a seamless look.

Do I need a dental crown?
Patients can benefit from a dental crown in various situations. Some of the most common reasons your dentist may suggest a dental crown include:

  • to protect a broken or damaged tooth
  • to improve the appearance of an unsightly tooth
  • to anchor a dental bridge into place on the healthy teeth surrounding a gap
  • to cover a dental implant and replace a tooth

What can I expect during a crowning procedure?

Your dentist will begin the first phase of your crowning procedure by preparing the tooth to receive the crown. Then, they will remove a small part of the tooth enamel from each side of the tooth to correctly fit inside the crown. Then, an impression is taken of your prepared tooth and the surrounding teeth, providing the dental laboratory who creates the crown a basis for their design. About two weeks after this first appointment, the final restoration returns from the lab to your dentist’s office. You will then see your dentist again to place the permanent restoration onto your tooth.

Dental Crowns in Roanoke and Rocky Mount, VA
For more information on dental crowns or when they become necessary, please contact Dr. Young Park and Dr. Michelle Kim at Park Dental Solutions at locations in Roanoke and Rocky Mount, VA. Call (540) 563-9398 to schedule your appointment in Roanoke or (540) 483-7577 to schedule your appointment in Rocky Mount today!

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